Management Equipment

We are extremely proud to provide the highest quality road related vehicles. All our vehicles have regular servicing and maintenance schedules in place in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  The frequency is increased whenever those vehicles are subject to harsh operating conditions.

The majority of our vehicle fleet is currently under new car warranty.  In addition, we have a vehicle replacement schedule in place that monitors age, distance and condition of our fleet, with our vehicles being replaced accordingly.  All our vehicle fleet is compliant with the WA Road Traffic Act 1974 and conforms to legislative stands for Plant safety in Western Australia.

When it comes to traffic signs and management equipment, we follow industry best practice and continually monitor the condition of signs and equipment, replacing those that have failed our quality control inspection. Signage and equipment that is deemed unsuitable is segregated from use immediately.  At TABORDA we replace sub-standard equipment in a timely fashion to ensure that our service levels do not drop below our client’s requirements.  Our plant use training schedule addresses the process to connect and disconnect trailer mounted traffic management equipment such as variable message boards and arrow boards to our vehicles.